Russian Orthodox priest has been arrested for killing his wife after she was pregnant with his child.

The priest is accused of murdering the unnamed woman after he found out she was carrying a baby boy, who was later aborted.

The murder took place in the village of Novoljevo on March 26.

According to a local report, the priest allegedly confessed to the crime after his wife told him that she was about to miscarry.

“We were at the church when he found the child,” the unnamed priest’s sister told RIA Novosti.

“He asked me to put the child in a cradle and then he went back to his house.”

The sister said that the priest confessed after he was questioned by a police officer.

The woman’s body was later discovered near the church, where it was covered in a black cloth.

It is unclear if the murder took the form of a planned attack or was an accident, as the mother’s body appeared to be badly decomposed, the Russian news agency TASS reported.

The woman was reportedly found to have suffered from severe abdominal injuries and was badly bleeding.

A post-mortem examination showed that the woman had been beaten with a wooden stick.

Police were looking for two other men, who they said are believed to have helped the priest commit the crime.

The first man, who has not been identified, is reportedly a former police officer who was arrested last month in connection with the murder.

The other man, a man believed to be a former member of the church’s governing body, has been detained and is awaiting trial.

Russian Orthodox priest accused of killing wife over baby is arrested in Novoljievo article Russian Catholic priest and mother of three who was murdered by a Russian Orthodox monk is facing murder charges in Novorossiysk, where he was born.

The unidentified priest was arrested on March 25 and charged with murdering the unidentified woman after she had been pregnant for three months.

The priest was identified as Igor Tikhonov, a member of Russia’s Orthodox Church, who had been living in Novgorod, a Russian region in the far east of the country.

The local news site RIA-Novosti reported that the two women had been married for six years.

“Igor was born in Novora in 1957, and has lived there since 1993,” the local news agency RIA news quoted the head of the Novorozhi monastery as saying.

Tikhonos father was also killed in a separate incident in March by a man who claimed to be from the local police.

In November 2016, a local newspaper reported that Tikhons mother, a nun, had also died of natural causes after a fall.

Russia’s state-run news agency, TASS, reported that in June of this year, Tikhonic was arrested and accused of having killed the unnamed mother in an act of revenge.

The article also claimed that Takhononov had “abused” his position of priest, claiming that he had “exercised himself against the family.”

The local church’s local branch was unable to confirm or deny the claims.

“There is no such thing as a priest who does not have a criminal record,” the head priest of the Russian Orthodox Church’s Novorokhi monastery told Ria Novostina.

“The local authorities will continue their investigation.

If it is true, we are deeply saddened.”