Bride of God’s Queen has been crowned the world’s fatter bride by the worlds fattiest priest, whose body weighs an estimated 40,000 kilos.

The wedding of Prince Charles and Catherine de Medici at Windsor Castle in England, which was celebrated last week, was the first for a king and queen to be held in the English city since the reign of Queen Victoria.

The ceremony took place on a day of festivities and public displays including a giant horse statue at the coronation and the opening of the Windsor Castle gates.

The royal couple’s wedding ceremony took about 15 minutes to complete, but took place with the help of a specially designed tent that accommodated the Prince of Wales.

The groom, Prince Charles, was crowned with a traditional white robe, a golden tiara and a silver cross.

He was accompanied by his wife Catherine de Marinelli, a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Duchess of Cornwall, the youngest of the royal couple, was given a golden choker by her husband, which he wore on his finger as he received the title of Countess of Norfolk.

The two-year-old prince and Duchess of York are both in the early stages of pregnancy, so the wedding ceremony is not expected to be carried out until late next year.

Prince Charles, who has a BMI of 27.7, was in good health, according to the prince’s doctors, and his health has improved dramatically since he became king.

He also has a long-term condition called rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the joints of his joints.

He is due to take his final step on the throne when he becomes the new king on January 20, 2019.