In the year 2025, Russia will hold the world’s first official Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Holy Father’s Mass, held in Moscow.

There will be a series of six Holy Days in which the Holy Father is the representative of all Christians.

It will be held every four years, during the Orthodox Easter and Christmas holidays.

The last Holy Father was Fr.

Nicholas I. Gennarev, who died in 2016.

This is the fourth rotation of Holy Father since the Church’s origins in Rome in the second century AD.

The first was in 1085, when St. Seraphim was appointed as Holy Father.

The first Pope was St. John Paul II in 1980.

There are currently six Holy Father Rulers worldwide: the current Holy Father, St. Vladimir the Great in Russia, Sts.

Peter and Paul in the U.S. and Canada, and the late Cardinal Ratzinger in Germany.

Holy Father Rotation Facts – Russian Orthodox Church – Year 2025, Holy Father – St. Nicholas, St Cyril, St Seraphim, St John Paul and St Vladimir.