A group of Idahoans will soon be drinking whiskey to help them cope with the effects of the deadly outbreak that swept through the state in late March.

The Idaho Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission announced Tuesday that the Idaho State Lottery will be giving out free, one-ounce samples of whiskey from any bottle purchased at a participating liquor store in Idaho.

It’s a first in the nation and is part of an initiative by the commission to help those suffering from the coronavirus.

The lottery’s website is reporting that sales will begin in Idaho’s Capital City on Monday, and the first sales will be in Boise on March 10.

The liquor store owners will also be selling bottled water to help people drink safely, the Idaho Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Control Department said in a press release.

As part of the initiative, Idahoans can bring home one bottle of water per person and the lottery will also offer a discount to people who bring back two bottles per person.

This is a first of its kind in the U.S., the commission said.

Liquor stores will not be selling whiskey and wine, the commission added.

The beer will also not be sold, though the commission has set up a partnership with a craft brewery to sell beer and other brews.

The beer will not include a free sample and will not sell alcohol.

People who buy beer at the participating stores will be asked to return the bottle to the lottery, and a free one-gallon bottle of beer or wine will be handed out.

Participating stores will also have a variety of events to benefit Idahoans with the goal of raising money for alcohol and opioid treatment programs.

The commission is encouraging people to wear a red, white and blue ribbon to raise awareness about the pandemic.