In the days after Carrie Fisher’s death, thousands of fans in Indiana returned to her hometown to celebrate her life and the legacy she left behind.

Now, one of them is back and she’s looking for fans in her hometown.

Carrie Fisher has been inducted into the Indiana State Museum of Art’s Hall of Fame, the Indiana Historical Society announced Wednesday.

The Indiana Historical Foundation said Fisher’s home in Indianapolis is now the state’s home to one of its most significant and influential cultural institutions.

Carrie’s former home is on West Hill Road in Bloomington.

The house was once a small trailer park, and she had a family of six living there.

Fisher was a longtime resident of the town.

She died in 2016 at age 83.

She was the first female Star Wars star to star in a feature film.

Carrie had a large presence on the streets of her hometown, with many of her iconic costumes and costumes of the time still on display.

Her legacy has been celebrated throughout Indiana.

In recent years, Carrie Fisher inspired the Indiana Children’s Museum to create an exhibition titled “Star Wars: The Story of Carrie Fisher,” which is open to the public.

The museum also plans to hold an exhibit on Fisher’s life and work.