The ragged priest’s jeans are the perfect way to get a little more casual, but if you want a little extra flair, they are a great way to add that extra sparkle.

Ragged priests are the first thing I wear, and the pair of jeans I’m wearing here is an excellent example of how this style is great for an evening.

It is comfortable, and looks great in the sunlight.

The pair is a good length, and has pockets that are easy to access.

The pants are a bit big for me, but that’s to be expected for a size 8.

They’re not the kind of thing I usually wear, but they’re definitely the kind that you’ll need to make a point of.

If you are a taller, thicker type of guy, this could be a great pair of pants to get you a little taller and more tailored than you would normally wear.

If that’s you, then you may need to buy a different pair.