When “Percy” Tweets that she’s “proud” to be “pursuing a career in the priesthood” she also “wants to be seen by my father as someone who was a true gentleman and a true priest,” she writes.

“I would also like to see him to understand I have the full support of the church.”

Percy’s father, Michael, said in a statement to the AP that “percy’s comments do not reflect her views on her father, the priesthood or her faith.”

He also called for “a clear message” that Percy’s comments are “unacceptable” and “not reflective of what she stands for as a Christian.”

“She is a very nice woman, but when someone is not in a position of leadership in their life, it is hard to be a good parent,” Michael said.

“Perry’s comments about her father are not reflective of her beliefs.”

Perry posted the tweet on May 5, and it has since gone viral.

The social media user also wrote that she wants to “make it clear that she does not have any intention to have her father and that she is proud of her father.”

Perth Archbishop Peter J. Johnson issued a statement about the tweet, calling the “unfortunate” tweet “completely inappropriate.”

Persey also made a video about her “pious” father and said, “The Church has been my home since I was a young girl.

It is my father’s home, it’s my family, and my family has supported me every step of the way.”

She also said she’s a “patriot” and that her father “never took any offense.”

“When I was younger, my father would take me on trips to visit him in prison and my mom would tell me that her daddy would always get her out of jail,” she said.