Posted by GeekDadDad on Thursday, March 18, 2020 07:17:21For the last week, we’ve been hard at work getting the Dragon Priest set into the hands of you, the fans.

We have now announced the Dragon Priests set and we’ve also announced Quints and Quests for the set.

We have also made available Quints for purchase now!

Quints are available in the new Quest Quests and Quints will also be available in Quints Packs.

We also have another set of Dragon Priest masks coming to the market, the Dragon priest masks!

Dragon Priest is a character in Final Fantasy XIV, and as such, his appearance in the game is based off the art of one of the original Final Fantasy heroes, Yuna.

We’ve also added an assortment of Dragon priest sets to the game.

These sets will be available for purchase from the Square Enix Store, the Final Fantasy XV website, and the Official Site for Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy XII-2 and Final Fantasy XI.

These Dragon Priest sets will include two Dragon Priest helmets, two Dragon priest hoods, and a Dragon Priest helmet cape.

Dragon Priest masks will also feature the original art of Yuna, and players can choose to be a part of the story or fight the final boss.

All Dragon Priest mask sets will have a set bonus for the new quests and Quips available for purchasing.

These masks will be made available through the Square-Enix Online Store,, the Official Game Site for the game, and on the Official Store for the Dragon Quest VII Final Fantasy XVII Collection, the upcoming Final Fantasy IX: Advent Children Final Fantasy VII Remake, and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Dragon Priests Mask Sets will be released on March 18th, 2020 at 10am PT / 2pm ET.

Dragon Priest Set Quints can be found at the SquareEnixOnlineStore.

Square Enix Store: