I think I have a pretty good handle on what Deception Priest is about, but it’s still an incredibly complex deck, so let’s look at the card in a bit more detail.

Deception is a 2/2 for 2, with a -1/-1 counter.

That means, once it gets into play, it loses 1 toughness and gains a -2/-2 counter.

It’s a really interesting ability to play with.

If you play it on turn 1, you can have your opponent play a big blocker, and if you play Deception on turn 2, you could just play a minion.

There’s a lot of ways you can play this deck, and I think the deck is very flexible.

It can play a little more aggressively, or it can just play on turn 3, or turn 4, or maybe even turn 5.

This card has potential to be very powerful.

I think Deception is the best way to play Decepticon in the current meta.

Decepticon is a card that, if it were ever printed in Modern, it’d be a lot more powerful.

It has the power of an AoE minion that can trade with bigger minions, and it has the survivability of an area-denying, evasion-boosting minion.

This deck is built around this ability, and while this deck can be incredibly strong, I think its potential is much more limited than the power that Deception can give it.

It just hasn’t had the time to get there yet.

I don’t think the Decepticons role is a good one in the meta right now.

The only reason to play this card is if you have an AoE that can protect it, but you can’t use it on your own board to get value out of it.

The deck has the potential to do damage, but not too much.

The big problem with this card, however, is that it’s only 2 mana, and the deck already runs a ton of removal spells.

You can’t just play the card on turn 4 and hope that it survives, or that it does damage.

It only has upside if you’re playing it on curve, which is exactly what I did.

The gameplan that I outlined earlier is the exact same plan that I used to win against this deck.

I was able to win with a combo deck in the format with Deception, and this deck is no different.

This was just one of those matchups where I didn’t get the chance to play a card I was looking for.

Deceit is a really strong card, and for this deck to work, it has to be really strong.

I can see this deck becoming a pretty solid deck if the card is strong enough.

Deceiver is a great card, but I don’t like playing it.

Deceptor is a strong card in the right matchup.

The problem is, the matchup isn’t very good right now, so this card just doesn’t fit the deck.

If this card were printed, I’d love to see it be a card in an aggro deck, where it would be a massive threat.

This is not a card to play when the deck wants to use Deception to control the board, and so it doesn’t get much play.

This will be the last deck that has Deception in it, and there isn’t a lot that can be done to change that.

I don, at this point, see this card becoming a powerful card, even if it’s the most powerful card in Modern.

I’ve mentioned Deception a lot, but this is probably the most confusing part of the deck I’ve played so far.

There are multiple ways to win this matchup, and Deception has an ability that can either be used to either win the game or get you the best start in the game.

Deception could be played on turn 5, or Deception might be played in the first turn, and you could play a Deception or two, then use it again to finish the game on turn 6.

Deceived is an interesting card that I really enjoy playing in this deck right now and I like it in a lot and I hope that I can get a couple more games under my belt with this deck before I go back to playing something else.

Deceived is one of the best cards in the deck right right now in my opinion.

If it’s ever printed, it will definitely be a huge part of this deck’s future.

Deceptive is one the best things that this deck has going for it right now right now as it can win games at the expense of one of its two big threats, or win games with a small, but powerful minion, and can get value from your own big minions, like Shadow Priest.

I hope to see more of this card in this format, but right now I think it’s too good to pass up.