By S.K.A. Nohr – 9:35AM ESTShare |Shadow Priest 2: The Priest’s Tale is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Shadow Priest series that debuted in 2008.

The story of a priest in the afterlife who is tasked with protecting his flock from demons.

The game features a new story mode, a new main character, and a brand new game mode, The Black Knight, which involves the player controlling a knight who fights demons in a new game style.

In Shadow Priest II: The Black Knights, players control the Knight’s apprentice, a warrior named Cress, who is sent back to the underworld to defend the world from demons, in this game’s first episode.

The game features new weapons and abilities as well as the ability to customize the armor of Cress to help him to defeat demons.

Shadow Priest II has a new set of missions, which includes the mission to protect the world and the mission that opens up to the end of the game, which unlocks the ability for the player to enter the Black Knight’s realm and fight the Black Dragon, a demon lord who is responsible for all the world’s evils.

Shadow priest is a new series of action RPGs that are all set in a fantasy world.

In the series, players take the role of a warrior who goes on a journey to protect his village from invading demons.

Players are able to control a knight that fights demons while using a set of armor and weapons that will help them in combat.

In Shadow Priest, the player controls Cress and his apprentice, Lee, a knight.

Shadow priests have a similar storyline to the original series, but with a different set of characters.

In the original Shadow Priest games, players had to kill demons in order to progress through the story, which was filled with a lot of demons.

However, in Shadow Priest: The Death Knight, players will have to fight demons to get the story going, but this time, instead of killing the demons, the players will be tasked with killing the Black Knights that are threatening the kingdom.

Players will also have the ability and ability to use armor that will increase their physical and magical power.

Players also will be able to customize Cress’ armor and skills in order for him to fight off the Black Dragons that are plaguing the world.

ShadowPriest is set to release in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Shadow Priests second episode will be released on April 25, 2017.