The original movie, which was based on a novel by a Catholic priest, was a cult classic and earned $300 million worldwide.

The sequel, which is directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is more commercially successful, earning $140 million worldwide, but critics have not given it the same level of praise.

The film opens on March 13 in North America and March 17 in the UK and Australia.

Here are 10 reasons to watch it.1.

It’s a reboot of the storyThe first movie, released in 1994, tells the story of the priest Francis and his son, Jesus.

The movie is a reimagining of the events of the original novel, and focuses more on Jesus and his relationship with his mother, Mary Magdalene.

The story centers on Jesus’ journey to the tomb of Lazarus.

In the film, Jesus’ mother is depicted as a young woman who suffers from depression.

The priest, Joseph, is portrayed as a ruthless killer.2.

It features a new castThe original movie’s cast included Billy Crudup as Jesus, Michael Caine as the titular priest, and the original movie cast of Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, and Kristen Wiig, who also portrayed Mary Magdeline.

In addition, the film also features an ensemble cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, and Benedict Cumberbatch.3.

It stars an actor who is a fan of the novelThe movie also stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Francis, who was a fan for decades of the book.

The new cast includes Billy Crude, Jack Black, Michael Kelly, and Idris Elba.4.

It focuses on the story behind the movieThe movie, directed by Coppolas, takes place after the original film and focuses on Jesus, the priest who was the subject of the novels.

The plot centers on the son of a priest who became Jesus and later became a follower of Mary Magdelene.

This story has not been explored in the book, but it does feature a powerful narrative arc that focuses on a series of events that took place decades after the events in the original book.5.

It shows a new side of FrancisThe new movie is different from the original because the story is told from the point of view of the son and his father, Francis and Mary Magden.

Francis is portrayed more like a father figure than a priest.

The main character, Josephine, is depicted in the film as a rebellious teenage girl who is driven to commit suicide by her mother, who is abusive.

The characters in the movie also share their experiences and problems, including a fight with a violent bully.6.

It has a new plotlineFrancis is revealed as a villain to Mary Magdeleen after he kills her brother, who he blames for her father’s death.

He goes on a murderous rampage and is later caught in the crossfire of a battle between his father and Mary.

The character of Josephine is shown to have problems with self-control and self-hatred, and has a hard time reconciling her love for her mother and her feelings for Jesus.

She eventually ends up taking her own life.

The new film also explores some of the conflicts that Francis has with his past.

In a flashback, he reveals to his mother that he killed Jesus, and his mother is horrified.

In an alternate version of the movie, Mary is shown comforting her son when he is in danger.7.

It offers a new look at Mary MagDela’s characterThe new cast of actors plays the roles of Francis and Josephine in the story, and some of them have roles in other films.

In fact, some of their names have appeared in other Francis Coppolans’ films.

The actors who are playing Mary Magdael are: Ben Kingsley as Joseph, Tom Wilkinson as Francis and Tom Stoppard as the other two sons of Francis.

The most prominent role for the new cast is that of John Cusack, who plays the role of Jesus.8.

It doesn’t give away any spoilersThe story is set decades after Jesus’ death and the priest is shown as a powerful man who becomes the leader of a group of followers.

This character is a bit of a foil for the character in the novel, who later kills his father.

However, the new version of Joseph does not reveal any major plot points.

The actors in the new film have the opportunity to explore new aspects of the character, such as her desire to leave her family and follow her son.

Francis also has a lot of new revelations about his past and experiences with Mary Magderene.

He reveals that he was actually the son he had been looking for all along, that he has no memories of his past, and that he is still seeking answers to the questions he has been struggling with.9.

It also has more twists and turnsThe story focuses on Francis as a leader of the