Mary, Mary, and the Son of Man are back on the scene with their latest special episode of the Lad Bible podcast.

Mary, James and Jesus are back with a new edition of their popular podcast called “The Lad Bible.”

The series features interviews with leading figures of the Christian faith, including Paul, Mary and Jesus.

The Lad bible is a podcast series where the hosts and guests speak to people and discuss topics of interest to their audience.

The podcast is hosted by Lad Bible founder, Paul Betts and the Lad bible has an audience of over 250,000 listeners worldwide.

Mary joins James, Paul, and Jesus as the guest for this episode.

The guests discussed topics ranging from the birth of Jesus, the importance of the word of God in our lives, and their experiences working in the church.

Topics covered include: The origins of the Bible, Mary’s role in Jesus’ life, Paul’s faith, Jesus’ teaching on marriage and how it influenced the gospel of Christ, the early life of Mary, how the birth and ministry of Jesus influenced her, and her own ministry in the New York City Archdiocese. 

Topics covered: Mary, Christ, Church, Christianity, The Gospel, Jesus Source Lad Bible