The cost of getting a tattoo is set to go up for the first time in Canada in 2017, and it’s up to the average Joe to figure out how to get one.

The federal government announced the price of a tattoo on Tuesday, and some experts are predicting that some people won’t be able to afford the $2,500 or so required to get their own.

The average cost of a new tattoo is $1.85, according to the Tattoo Accessibility Index.

For those who are just getting their first tattoo, that’s a big chunk of change.

For many, it’s a step down in price, but it’s also a chance to have a new piece of skin that will look great on them when they retire.

Tattooed-up, new-age tattooer Chris Taylor, is excited about the new price, and wants to make sure his wife and kids are protected.

Taylor has a new car, which he hopes will protect the car from the sun and make it easier to get tattoos.

He says he’s had a lot of trouble getting his hands on a new vehicle to cover up his tattoos.

Taylor says he wants to be able, in his own way, to protect his tattoos from the elements, like the rain.

“I like it when the weather is nice, so I’m going to keep my car clean, and I’m also going to wear a lot more layers,” he says.

“And when the sun comes out and it starts to come down, I want to have my own protection, I don’t want to just be sitting there with my arm exposed and having a couple of tattoos.”

Tattoos are a form of expression for people with tattoos.

It’s a sign of confidence and confidence is the only way to achieve a good image.