by user ‘Kissing the priest’ on August 1, 2016 12:04:18Thanks to user ‘Lolboy’ for this one, which is pretty hilarious.

(Link to the image)The comment has since been shared nearly 2,000 times and has since become a popular meme on Twitter.

The ‘KISS’ meme was created by user @kissingthepriest, who added the caption “Kisses the priest, Jesus, because thats how we kiss”.

(Image: Lolboy)This meme was later picked up by Hacker News user ‘kissinthepriests’ who then made it his own.

The comment received almost 1,600 retweets and has now been shared more than 3,000 time.

(Image source: Lolboys)”I made the meme as a joke and I wanted to share my thoughts and my opinions on the meme, and I decided to add a little humour to it,” said Lolboy.

“I liked the idea of Jesus kissing his followers, so I started making the meme and it got pretty popular,” he told the news outlet.

“And now it has become my own little meme, I have to say that.”‘

I made it as a parody’Lolboys original meme is called ‘Kissy the Priest’ which he shared with a screengrab of his screencap and the comment.

The post is not yet being shared on Hacker News, but Lolboys Facebook page has been inundated with people posting their own versions of the original meme.

The original comment from Lolboy reads: “I dont know how this meme became popular but Im happy with it so far.

I love Jesus, and i love kissing my followers, but this one i dont want to kiss anymore because i dont like kissing the priest.

Its funny but I dont want anyone to get offended by it, i just want to show that im a nice person and that I like kissing Jesus, Im not going to stop until I kiss him.”(Image: lolboys Facebook)The original post has since received more than 600 retweaks and has received more comments than it can count.”

The original version of the meme is not the same as the one we saw on HackerNews and it has been changed a lot,” Lolboy said.”

People love this meme because of how it shows the love of Jesus.

I make it to make fun of it, because the people who make the memes on the Internet hate it so much.”

LolBoy has now shared a number of other popular memes which he has included on his Facebook page.

“This one is a parody of the popular meme about the Catholic church,” he wrote.

“But im not trying to be funny at all, Im just showing that im one of those people who doesnt get offended when someone is kissing Jesus.

But its funny, its just not right.”(image source: lolboy)”One of my favourite memes is this one about the Pope,” he added.”

Its not meant to be a satirical take on the Catholic Church but I hope it shows you how much love there is in God and in Jesus.

Its my favourite one and I love it.”(link to comment)”LOLboys meme about a kiss is pretty funny,” LolBoy added.

“Its a very silly meme, but thats my favourite and I have been trying to make a meme of it for a long time.

Its also really funny, Im sure its going to be shared a lot.”(images source: LOLboys Facebook wall)”Its a funny meme because it shows that there are people out there that dont know anything about the bible but dont mind kissing the pope.

Its so funny and thats what makes it so great.”( image source: LOLboys Facebook post)”This is a funny image that I have made, and its very simple to make,” Lol Boy said.

“I am making a meme about kissing a priest.”(Images source: Laughing Squid)”The priest is my favorite character in the bible, and he kisses people,” he said.(image sources: Laugh,Laughing Squid,LOLboy)Lol Boy also posted an image of himself and his wife on Instagram and said the image has been shared over 5,000,000 people.

“You guys love it, and thats my way of saying that its very cool,” Lol boy said.