Black hat priest Jesuit priest Jesuits accused of murdering two men who were trying to steal their black hats in a bid to make a religious ritual a little easier.

The priest, Jesuits in the News, was arrested after a group of men were arrested and questioned by police in the Spanish city of Marbella on Wednesday. 

He is accused of first fatally shooting two men on February 9, after they tried to steal the black hats of a pair of priests.

Police said he shot them in the back while they were lying on the ground, before killing himself. 

In March, a Spanish priest was charged with murder for killing four men with his black hat in the southern city of Murcia.

The black hat is the symbol of the Roman Catholic Church, and is considered sacred in many countries. 

Authorities say Jesuits have long been accused of abusing priests and are often blamed for mass killings. 

The priest was a former member of the Jesuit order, and has been on trial since 2006. 

More to come.