By MARK WILSON-DRAPER The Catholic Church is to teach boys and girls to talk about the devil in the same way it teaches about Jesus Christ.

A move that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago would now be in the cards.

But the head of the Catholic Church’s teaching arm, Father Vincent De Paul, said the change would not be implemented immediately, because it would be considered “unnatural”.

“We would have to consider it,” he said.

“We are doing it for the future and we have to make sure it is not against the teaching of the church.”

It would be very natural to teach about the nature of the devil and his role in the life of the human race, which is quite difficult to understand, but is also very important in the church.

“The decision was taken by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, which was established in 2014 by Pope Francis.

The pontiff made it clear the move was in line with the teaching that he said was critical for Catholic faith.”

The pope also used the same words in his encyclical on the church’s role in education.””

But it is the mystery of God, and he who knows him, knows him and loves him, that he loves and who he is.”

The pope also used the same words in his encyclical on the church’s role in education.

“In the teaching we do we do not teach about devils,” he added.

“It is the teaching about God that teaches us about the God of the whole creation.”

The change, which would be mandatory for every school, would come into effect next year, but has not yet been formally adopted.

The announcement comes a year after the head, Cardinal Raymond Burke, said he wanted the Church to start teaching about the “soul” of the Devil in the schools.

In his 2015 encyclicals, Burke argued that teaching about demons was essential in the pursuit of truth.

“To teach about demons is to make us see them, not as demons but as human beings,” he argued.

“That is the way of salvation, and if we make a mistake in this way, we will be responsible for it.”

A new pontiff, Francis, has been working to reform the church, which has faced numerous scandals in recent years.

The pontiff has said he is not opposed to teaching about “the devil” but has been criticized for being too strict.

Pope Francis has also suggested the church should take up the mantle of the Bible in schools, saying: “What’s more important, the truth of the Christian message, or the truth that comes from the Bible?”