An ancient Egyptian priest said that a water pistol was “spiritual” and “spiritually charged” when he was first presented with the object in the 1960s.

Archaeologist Michael Purdy of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens said he and his colleagues found the water gun in the ruins of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, which was destroyed by fire in 3,200BC.

“This was a water weapon,” Mr Purdy said.

“It was very much like the water weapon of Jesus, but with a higher spiritual energy.”

Mr Purdy’s team then went to a museum in the US to try and obtain the object.

“I took a look at it, and it was a very beautiful object,” Mr Dyer told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“And I went and took it out to a local museum, and I got an email from the curator saying, ‘I just wanted to give you this as a souvenir.'”

And then I took it to my local school, and said, ‘Here’s my friend’s water gun and I just want to say this is amazing.’

“Mr Dyer said he found the weapon in a collection at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and thought it was one of those things that could be a good way of saying hello.”

So I took the gun out to the principal and said ‘What’s this thing?’

And he said, it’s a water rifle.

“The principal is a huge fan of water guns.

And he showed me the little metal cylinder, and the little cylinder is full of water. “

He said, OK, what do you need it for?'”

And he showed me the little metal cylinder, and the little cylinder is full of water.

“And I just said, how can that be?'”

It’s kind of a miracle that this water gun is still in existence.

“Mr Dyers discovery is the first time a water firearm has been recovered in the ancient world, and he said he believed it was part of a collection of more than 200 water guns from ancient Egypt.”

You would think it would be a very important object, it would have been on display, and you would think the Egyptians would have put it up for auction,” Mr Friesen said.

Mr Dyrdbeck said he was “surprised and a little bit confused” by the finding.”

When I first saw it I thought it might be a fake,” he said.

He said he had no idea if the water pistol’s original owner had been the person who first presented the object to the team.”

My understanding is that the original owner of the object has probably passed it on,” he added.”

But it is a unique find.

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