A clipart from the first video of the priestly service of the Holy Spirit, released last month, shows a smiling woman in a black robe sitting in the middle of a large group of people singing and dancing with a large golden cross.

The clipart, titled “The Lord Is Watching,” was created by an amateur photographer who asked for a small print, then had to print out a full size version of the photo, which she then printed out again and again until the image was finished.

The video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times, has been shared widely on social media and by members of the Church in the United States and the Vatican.

The woman in the clipart is the Holy Ghost, or the Holy One.

The term “Holy Ghost” refers to an ancient concept that means an intelligent being that possesses a unique gift and is able to communicate with the spirits of people who hear him.

The Holy Spirit is present throughout the world, and the Church’s faith and practice of faithfulness to the Lord are a key ingredient to this concept, according to the Holy Catholic Encyclopedia.

In the video, the woman appears to be singing a song.

When the image is printed out, a text reading “The Holy Ghost is present” appears on the page.

It reads: “The power of the spirit, which is the gift of the Spirit, is manifested in all things.

There is no distinction between man and spirit, as there is between human and divine.”

The video also shows a man singing a similar song in a different part of the room.

This is an example of a traditional prayer, which consists of singing or praying with the intention of receiving the Holy Holy Spirit.

The image of the woman, who has a short skirt, is accompanied by a large portrait of the Virgin Mary.

The Holy Spirit was described as “the Father of us all.”

The image, created by a man called Joseph B. H. King, is titled “Maiden Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

The text on the image reads: Blessed are you, who walk in holiness in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The woman in her robe is wearing a golden cross and holding a book.

The caption to the image on the video reads, “In the name and service of Mary, the Mother of God, and Mary, Mary of the Rosary, to the Church of the Lamb, we say: Amen.”

The Holy Catholic Church says the video was created after Pope Francis’ visit to Japan in October.

The Vatican said it would have no comment on the matter.