In Mexico, the priesthood is divided into two groups: priests who hold the highest rank and priests who are lower on the ladder.

Those who hold higher positions in the church are called priests of the highest order, while those who hold lower positions are called priestesses of the lowest rank. 

According to a 2013 study by Pew Research Center, the church in Mexico has an average of 32 priests, but the average number of priests in the entire country is less than 8.7. 

The highest ranking priest in Mexico is called a bishop.

According to the most recent census, the bishop has the most priests, at a total of 11,933 priests.

The second highest ranking in the hierarchy is called an archbishop, while the third highest is a deacon.

According the Pew study, the most common title among priests in those positions is bishop.

In the United States, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is not as large as that in Mexico.

The U.S. bishops are called bishops, but they have a smaller number of bishops than the bishops in Mexico, with only 2,700 priests in total. 

In the U.K., the highest ranking cleric in the Church is called the deacon, while in the U, bishops are the lowest position in the Catholic hierarchy.

The church in the Philippines is known for having some of the largest ranks in the world.

The highest ranking member of the Philippine National Church is the Bishop of Manila, Bishop Francis Jose Maria, who holds the highest office in the nation. 

Francis Jose Maria is the highest ranked bishop in the Vatican, having been given the title of vicar general.

The church in Brazil is known as the Holy See and has more than 5,000 bishops.