By now, you probably know the answer to the question: Which priest in the Catholic Church is a god.

You’ve probably seen the image of Pope Francis in the Popehat, or the video of the pontiff in the red vestments.

You probably also know that the Catholic church is one of the world’s most popular religions.

The Catholic Church has a global reach that spans cultures, countries and even continents.

Pope Francis has been making waves in the Vatican, and you can’t deny the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI.

Now, the church is in the midst of a new pope.

What does the church’s new pope mean for the world of the Catholic faith?

We already know that Francis is a progressive, a progressive with a strong emphasis on women’s rights, the environment and LGBT rights.

But he’s also a strong believer in traditional family values, which is a key element of the church.

In his first year as pontiff, Francis has made significant changes to the church and has laid out a vision for how to be a more inclusive church.

He’s also done a great job of reaching out to the marginalized.

For instance, Francis made a point of bringing together the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities in the church, in the first pope.

He also has a history of opening the door to the poor and the marginalized, like when he visited the Philippines to bring attention to the issue of the country’s extreme poverty.

But as a devout Catholic, you might be surprised to learn that Francis does not worship as a god in the same way that other Christian faiths do.

In fact, Francis does a lot of things that are not in the Bible, such as attending Mass, and praying to the Father and the Son.

In addition, Francis is also very much a Catholic who believes in the sanctity of life, and has said he wants to bring the Catholic religion back to its roots.

He says he will work on his faith “through all the trials and tribulations of my life,” and in the coming years he will be leading the Church through the challenges that we face as a world.

The church is a world religion, so this doesn’t necessarily mean that the church will end up being a god-like institution.

But Francis’ views on sexuality, marriage, and the family are certainly not in line with traditional Christian doctrine.

If you’re looking for a modern-day version of a traditional religious institution, you should look elsewhere.