The Village of Priest Lake, Idaho, is trying to sell an apartment complex at a Lake Forest church for $15,000 less than what it sold the property to buy it.

A building in the community was sold for $7,000, but the property owner plans to sell it for $10,000.

The owner is the former pastor of St. Joseph’s Lutheran Church, the Village of River Idaho reports.

The former pastor, Joseph K. Schmitz, who has not been criminally charged, is the son of a longtime Idaho priest who also served as a bishop, The Village reports.

Klaus Schmitzy, the owner, is now the pastor at the Church of the Holy Spirit in River Ida.

Kathleen Schmitze is the pastor’s mother.

She has served as his chaplain.

The Church has been in the same building for years.

The village’s attorney says they’ve reached out to the former congregation to try to get the property sold.

The village says they’re also considering moving the church to a new building.

The community has been struggling financially since a fire destroyed the Church in May.

The fire killed seven people and destroyed more than 60 homes.

The parishioners, some of whom lived in the complex, have struggled to rebuild and make ends meet.

The church is also home to several children who were raised in the church.

The former congregation, known as St. Peter’s, has been out of business since May.

The Village of Saint Peter’s has been under a court order to vacate the complex.

That order was put in place by a former village manager who was under investigation for money laundering.

The mayor of the village said he could not comment on the ongoing case.