By Simon JackettPercy, the Scottish flame, is a symbol of a certain kind of man.

In the Scottish tradition, Percy is a holy man who is always ready to sacrifice his life for the good of others.

As the god of love, Percy has been associated with many of the great Scottish figures of the past.

He is a powerful figure in the history of Christianity, an ancient figure who was a powerful symbol of hope for mankind.

For the first time in modern times, Percy, the God of Love, has made his return to Scotland to witness a national vigil to mark the beginning of Easter Sunday.

The festival is one of many Christian celebrations that have taken place throughout Scotland.

At the moment, the only other Christian festivals that take place in Scotland are Easter Monday and the Nativity of St Margaret in Kilbride.

But this year, on the first Sunday in March, the celebration of St Mary Magdalene is expected to be bigger than ever.

A Catholic parish in Kilmurry has announced it will mark the eve of St. Mary Magdelene with a candlelit vigil that is expected up to 1,000 people.

People from all walks of life are expected to attend, and there will be many candles to light the night sky, and even some religious symbols to light up the streets.

There are also plans to host a feast of fish in Kilmurry, and a candlelight procession through the streets of Kilmurries main street.

This year’s vigil, in addition to the other events that take the place of the traditional vigil, is expected in more than 500 different locations around Scotland.

The St Mary of the Annunciation vigil is expected on Easter Monday from 2:00pm to 5:00 pm.

It is expected that up to 4,000 revellers will be in attendance at the vigil.

The event is organised by the Scottish National Party’s Kilmurrie group and has been organised by a number of churches.

The church in Kilmunry has been planning for the event since the summer, and said that they will be holding a public service in the church for the first of the week.

Kilmurrie Church in Kilbirnie, a Catholic parish, has also said that it will be hosting a candle lit vigil to commemorate St Mary.

Church leader and parish priest James Cairns told the BBC that they have been looking into the possibility of hosting this event for some time, but were now ready to do so.

Kilmurry is located in the town of Kilmurdie, which has been a long-time stronghold for the SNP, having been in the constituency since 1836.

It has traditionally been a Labour stronghold and has had a large Catholic population, and this will be the first in a series of events in the area.

Cairns said that he hoped the event would be attended by many people from all over Scotland.

“We will have people from across the country and we will have different ethnic groups, people who are from different backgrounds and different religions, as well,” he said.

“It is going to be a celebration of the history and the love between this parish and the Catholic Church.”

That is what we are really excited about, and we really look forward to the people of Kilmunsey coming together to celebrate this great day.

“The vigil is part of a larger national celebration that is also taking place across Scotland.

A number of events are taking place this Easter weekend, and the BBC will be reporting more on them.

For more information, please contact the BBC in Scotland or the BBC Scotland website.