A priest in the Catholic Church in Ireland has been murdered.

The killer has not been caught, despite several arrests.

The body of Father Patrick Munsters, who was murdered on the night of August 25, is being kept at the St Mary’s Cemetery in Co Donegal, County Donegal.

Munsters was killed at a house on the town’s outskirts, just a few hundred metres from the city’s centre, and was found with stab wounds to the chest.

The victim’s body was found by a passerby shortly after 11pm.

His body was later discovered in a ditch close to the house.

Police believe the killing was not random.

The deceased was believed to have been murdered in a house with two other men, aged 25 and 30, who have not been named.

The killer, who has not yet been identified, has not spoken to police.

Father Patrick Munster, of Clontarf, Co Donegagie, was a Catholic priest in a diocese in the north of the country.

He was the subject of an internal investigation into the death of his colleague in the 1990s.